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The real italian Bacaro

Veneto is famous for the unstoppable desire of its inhabitants to enjoy life.

And for a Venetian this means taking the time to savor a good wine, for example accompanied, depending on the type, by a crunchy cicchetto, a slice of bread and above who knows, a fine prosciutto or a combination of the simple fruits of the earth. A moment that called the aperitif, which Veneto venerates and preserves and observes.

But it might surprise us that the temple of the Venetian aperitif, the Bacaro, careful the accent is on the first A, has an Apulian origin. The famous taverns where you can taste the shades of white, the straw-colored half glasses that so much characterize the moments of peaceful Venetian sharing could have been born, at least for the name, from a wine brought by a Trani trader right to Rialto, at the end of the 19th century.

The etymology of the name, however, whatever it is, escapes the parochialism that characterizes the two regions, and indeed unites the desire to taste the good that the territory offers, and shares it, as in the best tradition.

The landscape changes, and from the calli you reach cobbled streets, white walls and dry stone walls, but the desire to be together and to live every peaceful moment in the deepest sharing never changes.

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