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Villa Foscari and the "Serenissimo" Prince

Villa Foscari, "La Malcontenta" is certainly one of Palladio's most fascinating works.

A majestic house, anciently modern, of an ancient Venetian house, that of the Foscari precisely, which carries with it the spirit of Nicolò's ancestor, or one of the most important doges of the Republic.

Francesco Foscari's dogship, over a century before the construction of the villa, was the longest in the history of the Serenissima, undoubtedly marking the beginning of a new era for Venice.

It is no coincidence that it was that election that marked the transition from a Municipality to a Serenissima Republic: Francis was, in fact, the first Serenissimo Prince.

Beyond the titles, in essence, it is during that dogado - the longest ever - that practically the entire State of Tera is covered, from the Adda to the Isonzo. It is Foscari who turns his gaze to the West, sensing that the collapse of the Byzantine Empire will lead to a more complex future in the eastern Mediterranean.

If we want, the Malcontenta - later - continues to talk about this: generation after generation, among the patricians the party of a small sacred Roman Venetian republic wins, between Pope and Emperor, over that of the glorious ancient oriental merchants.

The Brenta, or rather the Brenta, towards Padua is increasingly that river lounge of the Doges, which extends the Dominante towards the hinterland, interpenetrating its destinies.

With the narrating voice of the grandson of that doge, ancestor of the same name of the client of Villa Foscari, the traveling story will soon be available which will extend around the Brenta, accompanied by the virtue of Nobility, in the many different senses in which it can be understood, riding in the saddle to a luxurious Palladian E-Bike.

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