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Villa Pisani in Montagnana

Brother of Zuanne, father of Carrier, Daniele and Marco of the Villa di Bagnolo, was Francesco Pisani, another Venetian patrician whom I could call a friend.

The Pisani dal Banco it can be said that they ruled Venice itself. The credit of the state for the banking family totaled hundreds of thousands of ducats, so without the funds of the Pisans, it can be said that Venice would not have held up the League of Cambrai. Francesco was the churchman of the Pisans, a cardinal at the age of just over twenty in the Basilica of San Marco, without even having to move to Rome.

Then bishop of Padua and Treviso, also administering the archdiocese of Narbonne, in France. In addition to being very rich, he was also very cultured, like many others of his time, and wanted me - who had now become familiar with Daniele Barbaro - and our mutual friend Alessandro Vittoria, to design his residence in Montagnana.

Private residence still today, I still recognize the nostalgic taste of glorious times lost.

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