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Villa Zeno

With each passing year I took a step deeper into the heart of Venice. The Zeno, or Zen, one of the twelve ancient houses in Venice, in which the first body of the patrician nobility was established, concurring to elect the doge. The Zen greatly contributed to the growth and power of the city, reaching the land we now call America before Columbus, first discovering the ghost island of Frislanda in the North Sea.

This will then remain, the villa of the Zeno, the villa of enigmas. The search for solutions is up to you. Marco Zeno knows me as the mayor of Vicenza, and so he commissioned me to build his villa in Cessalto, or vice versa: does he entrust me with the renovation of the villa he has just bought in Cessalto and then will he casually become the mayor of Vicenza? And then, the facade that only respresent the front for me, with a loggia similar to the one in Villa Saraceno, in this case is on the back, and what is usually a back for me - in my drawings also with the thermal window, then walled up - is the front here, at the center of the embrace of the barchesse?

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