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For the very rich congregation of the Benedictines of Venice I first created a succession of portals and huge barrel-vaulted spaces, in a grandiose path like the ancient thermal buildings of Rome: it was my refectory that was accomplished in the sumptuous Canaan Wedding of my friend Paolo Veronese , which pierced the fifth, continuing my architecture on canvas.


A few years later, even leaving a drawing for the cloister, I was in charge of the large church of the convent: in front of Piazza San Marco, the Bucintoro and all the ships of Venice would leave and return greeting the white facade reflected on the lagoon. .


Abbey of San Giorgio

Monastery of Saint Giorgio Maggiore

  • Artists: Andrea Palladio

    Client: Congregation of Saint Justina

    Project: 1565

    Construction: 1565 - 1576

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