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I had my wings unfold to offer the maximum opening, the widest image to the eye, of what was transformed from a house into a palace with the least effort.


The dovecote towers at the ends conclude the barchesse, which do not actually reach the central main body, thus leaving it free from stables and cellars, elevated on a high podium preceded by a triumphal staircase.


Leonardo Emo. 


Leonardo like his grandfather, who had left him the estate in which he had introduced, for the first time in the lands of the Serenissima, the cultivation of corn.


At that precise moment Antonio Pigafetta, my illustrious and courageous citizen, became the attendant of Commander Magellano on the Trinidad, who had left together for a year for the first trip around the world.


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Villa Emo

  • Artists:

    • Andrea Palladio
    • Giovanni Battista Zelotti

    Client: Leonardo Emo

    Project: 1556 

    Construction: 1559 - 1565

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