Abbey of Praglia

Updated: Jul 20

The most important and fascinating spiritual retreat of the Euganean mountains is located at its foot and dates back to the 11th century.

After the first turbulent centuries, Praglia Abbey experienced a long flourishing period from the mid 1400s to the 19th century, during which the monks had to move several times, until their definitive return at the beginning of the 20th century.

Its size, the balance of its spaces and its architectural style that oscillates between late gothic and renaissance, make Praglia Abbey a true artistic treasure and a magnificent spiritual refuge.

But the pride of the abbey is the ancient library, which houses 100,000 volumes and is a national monument. A breathtaking place, to which is attached an important laboratory of ancient books. For those who are in the area, the Benedictine monastery should absolutely be visited by those seeking an oasis of spiritual peace, but also for history and botany enthusiasts. To those who will join them, the monks will tell about the many activities undertaken in this millennium, from the restoration of ancient books to the production of cosmetics and remedies. Our tour Armonia Euganea has just Praglia Abbey as its final stop.