Cima da Conegliano

Updated: Jul 20

Together with Giovanni Bellini and Vittore Carpaccio, Giovanni Battista Cima da Conegliano was one of the great painters active in the lagoon capital in the late 15th and early 16th centuries. We are talking about a magnificent Venice, one of the most brilliant artistic centres in the world.

Giovanni was born and grew up inland, at the foot of the mountains in a town called Conegliano. That inland Veneto, made up of vast expanses enhanced by light, and framed by mountains and hills, is almost everywhere in his work.

No other artist before Cima was able to capture the silvery, light atmosphere of the Veneto with a poetry that belongs to him alone, enriched by unusual asymmetries and escapes.

A landscape painting that generates surprising openings, then as now, by choosing the right itineraries.

Spring is here, it's time to go out and look for it. A possibility to explore: be inspired by the beauty of our region's landscapes while riding a Palladian E-Bike, along one of the twenty routes selected to immerse yourself in our brightest and most idyllic past.

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