The Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza

Updated: Jul 20

The Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza, inaugurated in 1585, is considered the first great theatre built since antiquity and the first permanent indoor theatre of the modern era.

It is also Palladio's last masterpiece, in some ways his testament, a synthesis of his long studies of classical Greek-Roman theatre but also of a vision that transcends architecture. A great trompe l'oeil into which we can enter, becoming actors in a representation that is the Renaissance, and that is life. An absolute jewel that left the spectators stunned at the premiere in 1585, so much so that many of them stayed until dawn after the performance, aware that they were the first to have been hosted by an absolute work of art.

Did you know that Vivaldi, Venetian composer par excellence, performed his first opera at the Teatro Olimpico in Vicenza? After his triumph as a composer of instrumental music, he concentrated much of his energy on this genre, starting with the performance of his first opera in Vicenza: Ottone in Villa. It was a great success that convinced him to write new works and not to neglect this very profitable artistic genre.

Absolutely unique and exciting, the Teatro Olimpico is waiting for you ...