Who was Goldoni ?

Updated: Jul 20

To understand who Goldoni was, let's start by saying that he began as a child to play with puppets, that he greatly admired Molière and that at some point he left his Commedia dell'Arte to write dangerously realistic pièces, continuing to reform Italian comedy.

With his three-act comedy "I rusteghi ", for example, the Italian playwright Carlo Goldoni wrote a cruel social satire of his contemporaries by attacking a Venetian bourgeoisie in full decline, whose male pillars were capable of showing the greatest infamy towards women.

A step back.

Born in Venice in 1707, Goldoni considered himself a peaceful man. Which is not to say that his often highly successful plays did not provoke countless controversies.

We are in the theater, that medium so fundamental to much of our history including 18th century Italy.

The laws of the people must be observed in the shows intended for them, said the Venetian, and at the same time it is necessary to know how to entertain the public in order to educate it.