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Everything was accomplished here, in this final act.

I lived an extraordinary life, and this is my gift to Vicenza, to its families, to Venice, to history. With deep gratitude I remember my reliefs at the Berga Theater, the Roman theater of my city.


Five thousand seats, how much I wanted to be there. Live that Vicenza, and then from there leave for Rome, for that Rome. With the Academy that I had helped to found several years earlier together with my friends, we had obtained from the city the old prisons of the Castello del Territorio.
I was seventy-one. I lived that last year with the enthusiasm of a child: it would be the first stable and covered theater in the world, at least as far as I knew.

And it would have been a dream, mine and that of my city: that Vicenza was the scene we had wanted for our lives, the magical illusion that every day brought us closer to our destiny.


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