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Cavalier Bonifacio Pojana was a worthy heir to his family: a strong man of arms, with a beard that framed a powerful jaw, eyes wide and wide open under the forehead, a stern gaze.

The undisputed lord of his fiefdom, for centuries, always alongside Venice.


So I designed his villa, having discovered in my travels to Rome that power and elegance can go hand in hand with some simplicity, if well designed, as in the Baths of Diocletian. Together with the war frescoes, this sober and masculine measure pleased my client very well.

Villa Pojana

  • Artists:

    • Andrea Palladio
    • Girolamo Albanese
    • Anselmo Canera
    • Bernardino India
    • Bartolomeo Ridolfi
    • Battista Zelotti

    Client: Bonifacio Pojana

    Project: 1549

    Construction: 1549 - 1563

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