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I took two Palladio tours of Palladio villas in the Vicenza region and loved every minute.
The PR Team went out of their way to assist Palladio fans and experts alike. Manuel, who is an architect, provided expert commentary and analysis of the Palladio villas and palazzi on the tour, and also arranged for access to Palladio buildings normally closed to the public—such a special experience! The bikes used for the tours were fantastic and fun to ride, and the picnic lunch was delicious. For all those who seek a deeper appreciation and understanding of Palladio’s architecture and his legacy, Palladian Routes tours are invaluable and fun. Highly recommended!
- Jeremy -

Manuel is extremely knowledgable about the works of the 16th century architect Palladio. We could not have gotten a better introduction than by him, not only in the architecture of Palladio but also in the historical and cultural context of his works. Furthermore he arranged for us a tailor made excursion - with excellent guide. 

- Suzan -


Top class experience: tickets to key sights in Vicenza, private view of the Villa La Rotonda, great E-Bikes to get around and enthusiastic, knowledgeable and charming talks to put all in context. Highly recommended for

all first time visitors to Vicenza and those who want to find out more

about the genius of Palladio.

- Mark -


- Paola -

They organize for us a fantastic and original E-Bike day! We had a great time, kind, helpful and super engaging in the explanations. I will definitely be back!


- Lucia -

A 'green' way to discover breathtaking beauties! 
The Palladian E-Bikes are really useful for discovering the truly extraordinary Venetian territory. I advise!


- Edoardo -

Impeccable E-Bike rental, perfect for discovering our Veneto. Friendliness and professionalism of the staff, super helpful in any situation. Highly recommended!!

We had a great time with a day tour by E-Bike of Palladian Villas.
It is a great business idea and a wonderful way to see the villas and the beautiful countryside. The Palladian Routes team was very helpful and even arranged special transportation to another villa not on the route the next day!
- James -

With the Palladian E-Bike you can go (without effort) everywhere ... From the lively center of Vicenza, which has an excellent network of cycle paths, after a few kilometers we explored the landscapes of the Berici mountains, discovered some almost unknown Palladian villas to the general public but no less interesting, tasted excellent wines and flavors.

A 360-degree experience that we have decided to repeat with friends!

- Gabriella -

An experience that I recommend to everyone, even the less young.
Palladian Routes E-Bikes take you far without tiring on quiet routes away from traffic.
Relax, nature, beauty and culture. Very interesting experience.
- Maurizio-

- Chiara - 

Excellent E-Bike rental service with integrated tracks. They are very nice and recommended a beautiful tour based on our needs!


- Lucia -

A very interesting way to spend a few days of vacation between nature and wonderful Venetian villas. Easy for everyone with their E-Bikes! 


- Alice -

Interesting proposals for a beautiful journey through history in the context of the wonderful Palladian century.

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