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Your private Salotto in 
Palazzo Valmarana Braga

Welcome to our Salotto in Palazzo Valmarana Braga, in the historic Vicenza city center at the intersection of elegance and heritage. 

Here under the shade of our porticos in our Palladian courtyard, you will find tranquility. 

Let our Salotto be the point of reference for your adventures and for your quiet pause from the bustle of downtown.

Sit with your friends, relax, enjoy the spirit of Renaissance and fill at home: we'll be happy any time you'll come.

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Friendly & Formal Events

Discover how our bespoke events can make unforgettable experiences for you, your family, your friends,

and your colleagues.

Our experts will help plan your next Holiday Ball ,

Hail and Farewell, or Formal Reception, as well as your private parties, at a Palladian Villa,

replete with Renaissance frescoes.

Socialize in our sculpted gardens and dine in our halls of Venetian history!

Let our experts open new vistas for your dreams,

and plan indelible events for your needs.

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Holidays in Italy

This summer,
 let us design the perfect holiday leave in Italy for you!  

Daytrips and Weekend Adventures in the Palladian Lands of Veneto

Whether you have just a day, a weekend, or a 4-day weekend, we have adventures to fit your schedule, in the province of Vicenza and the region of Veneto.
Let your imagination wander: we possess

a full spectrum of adventures from the leisurely to the active, from the natural

to the cultural, and from the Roman era

to modern history.

Picture yourself resting on private beaches along the Adriatic Sea; journeying through the canals of Venice in your own gondola; relaxing in the vineyards and villas of the Veneto countryside; riding our self-guiding, GPS-equipped E -Bikes;

and discovering the best cuisine,

local wines, and Venetian history.

Let us be your guide through

the Palladian Lands!

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From the Palladian Renaissance

to the American Revolution and beyond: 
your home and history are here with you in Vicenza!

Without any commitment, receive more information and details
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